Metalwork for the subsea oil and gas industry

Subsea oil and gas fields often explore, drill and develop underwater locations. The materials required to do this are complex, but here at George McBain we are experienced in supplying skid frames, telescopes, assembly frames and much more. 

Shallow and deep water exploration

The development of a subsea gas and oil field requires specialised equipment. The guidelines which govern the use of this equipment are strict, which we are fully aware of here at George McBain and Co in Aberdeen. All of the equipment that we build and create meets these high standards, essential for ensuring the safety of the users in the subsea environment. 
Land based oil and gas work
steel box

Creating specialist subsea equipment

  • Skid frames
  • Camera pods
  • Telescopes
  • Assembly frames 
metal fabrication needs

Underwater maintenance

Subsea divers platforms are a great tool for carrying out maintenance underwater, and we can build one for you that meets all the necessary regulations. From our base in Aberdeen, the experts here at George McBain and Co have numerous years of experience creating equipment for the subsea oil and gas industry. 
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